Kimberley has years of experience with a repertoire of musical games, songs and exercises that can be adapted to be suitable for all ages. She likes to say she is a facilitator rather than a leader as she believes that when a group of people come together in a workshop, they decide the direction of the session and everyone is of equal value to the dynamic of the group.

Music and singing based activities nurture practical and social skills and help to gain confidence in a safe environment. The aim is to engage and create musical experiences that empower participants to make choices and positive contributions to the sessions…and it can be lots of fun!!!

Kimberley and her ukulele with Kings Lynn Syho and the Forward Day Centre. Click here for more info

Care home community project with Aldeburgh music.

Aldeburgh Music’s Media Project performance with Lapwing students.  Click here for more info

Student conducting the session at Media Project, Aldeburgh Music.

One-to-one session with Aldeburgh music.